Thursday, January 13, 2011

Splatter Paint Nails

I first got this idea over the summer, 
& I decided to paint my nails this way again
so that I could post it up.
Hope you enjoy!

Products Needed:
-At least two contrasting nail colors
-A dish washing sponge

*I actually used 3 different nail colors
in a similar tone for the bases.*

A hot pink nail polish.
It was some cheapo brand.
Sorry, I don't know the name.

 China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy.
It's a coraly pink color.

 Essie nail color.
Sorry guys, don't know this guy's name either! :<

 Sally's Insta-Dry in Lightening.
A bright yellow.

 Paint two coats of each color on,
Let dry 30 min before applying pattern.

 A piece of dish washing sponge.
You can cut it with a scissors but
I just ripped it off.

 You only use the edge slash side.

The uneven holes slash pores
are what help create a cool pattern
on your nails when you apply to your nails. 

This is what the splatter paint will look like. 

End Product!
Hope you liked it! 

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