Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAC + Maybelline makeup review

So I'm a freaking IDIOT!
My Dad gives us Macy's gift cards all 
the time and I never shop there so
I would usually give them away.
& then I recently remembered that
this whole time I could have been buying MAC makeup 
or Clinique's skin care products. -_____-

So anyways, I went today and picked up 
MAC's Blacktrack fluid line & tested it out on my friend. 
I also went to Walmart and picked up a few
things, including Maybelline's new 
One by One Volume Express mascara
(Their packaging always gets me! -_- )
and reviewed them below.

MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline:
From the minute I opened it I knew it was going to be a good product.
I applied it on my friend and the creamy consistency glided on smoothly.
I LOVED that because I've tried some gel liners before and they were all thick and chunky.
The color was definitely pigmented and didn't smudge or crease.
This product is DEFINITELY a good one and I recommend it to all of you. :>

Maybelline's One By One Volume Express:
I tried it out on my friend below and it came out really nice.
Her lashes feathered out, were dark black (lol niice -__-) and voluminous.
I also tried it on myself on top of the mascara I already had on and it went on smoothly,
which was a surprise considering the fat that when I put mascara on top of already
dry mascara it always clumps up and looks gross, and this one didn't so that won
EXTRA brownie points with me. I DEF give this mascara a thumbs up and will be 
repurchasing it in the future.

Overall look.


  1. Mac blacktrack fluidline is very workable!

  2. I love MACS fluidlines!
    ps great blog :)