Saturday, January 29, 2011

Katy Perry Black Splatter nail polish

So my friend has been obsessed with trying
to find Katy Perry's nail polish line &
has failed miserably as it's been sold out
almost everywhere she goes!
Fortunately, we stopped by Ulta yesterday and 
saw them as we were leaving, so we picked up a few.
Here's what we came up with:

Katy Perry's OPI nail polish in
"The One That Got away."

Katy Perry's OPI nail polish in 
"Teenage Dream."

Katy Perry's OPI
nail polish in "Black Shatter."

This is what my first nail looked like.
It's a little tricky to do.
It paints on thick, so you 
have to be careful or your
nails may come out cakey & a mess!
Take your time but not too long because it 
crackles almost immediately.

Before Top coat.
It looks very chunky and the black is matte.

China Glaze in "Turned Up Turquoise."

China Glaze in "Flip Flop Fantasy."

My friend painted her nails as well! :)

I LOVED hers!! :>

After Top Coat

The end results.

Lmao. My nails look tore up!



  1. Very pretty :) what is the teal color your friend used? I like it a lot with the black shatter on top.

  2. I posted up pictures of those nail polishes. :)