Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Instant Skin Improving Mask

So I've recommended this mask to many of
 my friends. It's a DIY mask that only recquires
3 easy to find ingredients and a sealed container.

Yeah, ok but what does it do for ME?:

The lime helps to even out skin tone
due to it's acids that naturally lighten. 
It also helps cleanse the skin.

The honey moisturizes, leaving your 
 skin looking supple and adding a
 nice warm glow.

When you wash off the mask, the
sugar acts as an exfoliater, gently
removing dead skin cells & impurities
that you may have deep  down in the pores.

** Exfoliating is one of the MOST important  things
that you can do for your skin. Exfoliating helps 
rid you of the dead skin and other dirt that may be lodged 
down in your pores keeping them clogged. This way your
skin heals & is able to form new, fresh skin cells for cleaner
clearer skin.

Mix equal parts of lime juice (it's ok if the pulp gets inside),
pure sugar cane & pure (organic if you have it) honey clover.

 Cut off a piece of lime.

 A couple tablespoons of sugar.

 A couple table spoons of honey.

 Put into a container of your choice.

 Once it is mixed, it should look similar to this.
It is a watery consistency.

 Store remaining product in a sealed container
and keep it in the fridge for future use

**I did NOT edit or touch up these photos
for the sole purpose of showing you the 
before and after results of the mask.


MY Skin Problems:
I have discoloration and uneven skin
tone due to my old acne scars.
The pores around my nose are enlarged
and I still have some acne leaving my
my skin rough, patchy and bumpy.

 Time to apply the mask!
Put enough to cover entire face
with out it dripping or falling off.
Remember to keep away from hair.

 I leave it on for approximately 20-25 minutes

My skin looks brighter and has 
a nice glow. The texture of my
skin has instantly improved, leaving me
with softer, smoother skin.
The pores around my nose are no
longer as visible and enlarged as before.

**This mask works for me, but everyone has different skin.
I try to do it at least once a week
after I have thoroughly cleansed my skin and
removed all traces of makeup. I also apply it only minutes after
I have showered, when my pores are open and more
likely to absorb the effects of the mask.

Hopefully you guys liked this mask and are
going to try it for yourselves!

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