Sunday, January 9, 2011

Millenia Mud Intensive Hair Reconstructor Review

I have curly, thick, frizzy hair.
I color it every now and then but had refrained
from doing so for about 5-6 months before I did it again.
It never used to take a toll on my hair, but for some reason 
the last time I dyed it, it changed COMPLETELY
leaving my hair DEAD, crunchy, extra dry and just plain
My hair became hard to manage, it broke easily,
it would feel EXTREMELY damaged and dry, but 
would get greasy easier than before. I didn't
know WHAT  to do until I heard about this.

I saw this recommendation on FrmHeadtoToe's YT
"Naughty or Nice" video. She raved about how amazing it 
was and how her hair had changed for the better, 
so I decided to try it out.

This product can be found in your
local Sally's Beauty Supply. 
It runs around $6.50

 This is what it claims to do and
what it is made of.

I apply this after I shampoo my hair.
Applying to mostly the bottom half
of my hair and putting the remainder on my roots.
Then I clip my hair up and go on 
with my shower so that the mask
is on my hair for about 5-10 minutes.
Rinsing with warm water and then a final rinse of cold water.
After rinsing you can immediately feel the difference!

*** Today I did NOT use shampoo.
Shampoo can be damaging to your
hair as a thorough cleanse causes
natural hair oils to be stripped away.
I lathered up with Dove's unscented bar soap 
(YES! Bar Soap!!)
It cleaned my hair, with out damaging it.***

 After my shower

 My hair in the back.

 Once it is fully dry and fluffy (lol.)

 It feels soft and is shinier than when
I use other hair products.

 My curls are soft and well defined, they have a lot of shine to them.
I have NOT applied any other hair products in these pictures.

So after about 2 weeks of using this product
I can absolutely say that it has improved the quality of my hair.
It is now:
-Helps with growth

I mean, the condition of my hair is immaculate in
comparison to how it was a few weeks ago.
I recommend this to anyone and EVERYONE!
I will def. be repurchasing it in the future.


  1. Your hair is so gorgoues! I have natural waves... do you think it would work for them???

  2. YES!try it out. the girl who recommended it is Asian with straight hair. I'm sure it works for everyone! :>

  3. You've got a nice hair Mabelyn. My hair is wavy too. Maybe i should try this. Btw, many thanks! I followed you back as well. Kisses:*

  4. Yes, from what I've seen, its worked on curly, straight and African American hair.

    My friend has wavy hair and she tried it as well and said her hair felt amazing.

    You saw the length and thickness of my hair, I only use about a quarter size amount. Too much product and an excessive amount to the roots or crown WILL weigh your hair down, making it greasy easily.

  5. I was wondering how often did you use the mask?

  6. I use it about 1-3 a week.