Friday, December 10, 2010

Beauty Questionaire

Beauty Questionaire

Q:When did you first start collecting makeup?

A: 10th grade

Q: What inspired you to start collecting makeup?

A: I have always LOVED makeup. Creating new looks, esp after watching MY fave YT gurus, looking at magazines and reading blogs. :>

Q: Do you have anyone in particular whose collection you admire?

A: my fave YT gurus: 4rmheadtotoe, dulcecandy87, ahanhbarbie34, carlycristman

Q: In your opinion, what is the hardest part about collecting makeup?

A: Buying makeup that you wont end up using bc it sucks. -_- Ive started to research b4 buying, but b4 I just dove for whatever attracted my eye w/o second guessing. Makeup is also expensive. My collection is pretty huge, from drugstore to high end makeup, it will definitely add up.

Q: How do you afford the makeup you purchase? Is there budgeting involved?

A: I work and make a nice amount of money, but I really should start setting a budget or putting money aside for my future financial sake! lol. b4 I screw myself over.

Q: If cost wasn’t in the picture, how would your collection change?

A: Oh man, I would have soo much and it would all be extremely organized.

Q: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

A: makeup wise or period? lol. Ulta is #1, Sephora, Target or Walmart.

Q: What are your favorite brands?

A: I do not have a favorite brand, I collect them all. lol.

Q: What product do you have the most fun purchasing?

A: Well not necessarily fun, but I am addicted to collecting BLUSH! Mascara, eyeliners and lip products are next.

Q: What do you find is one product you can’t avoid?

A: Blush and mascara

Q: What is one thing that you can never have enough of?

A: Eyeshadows, primers

Q: What are a few products a collector cannot live without?

A: The right brushes can make all the difference. Whether you use drugstore or high end, they can help you look flawless. Next is a multi purpose product: like a stain that works for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Never leave the house with out curled mascared eyelashes and blush

Q: Where do you keep all of your makeup?

A:Dresser drawer and my makeup table

Q: What has been your savior in terms of storage?

A: Bins and containers.

Q: If cost wasn’t in the picture, how would your storage change?

A: Lots of kaboodles! Organized by categories

Q: What items will we not find in your collection?

A: Pigments I guess

Q: What is one thing that people do wrong when collecting makeup?

A: You should really research a product before buying AND test it out on your own skin prior to purchasing it. Also, DO NOT buy everything you see in sight! lol

Q: What do you hope your collection will consist of in the future?

A: Organized, useful makeup items, throw out everything I am not using and more well reviewed high-end items + brushes.

Q: Why is makeup worth collecting?

A: Its such a fun hobby. I can spend all day playing with new looks, and watching new videos on YT. Makeup helps to bring out the confidence in a person. Just a few steps a day can completely change the way someone feels about themselves, not to mention looks.

Q: What is your biggest advice for someone who wishes to collect makeup?

A: Go ahead! Research, ask for other opinions and practice makes perfect. Your not going to necessarily get it on the first try so do not get discouraged.

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