Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Beauty Favorites

I purchased this at Ulta, it was a limited edition breast cancer shine spray. It is freaking awesome! I wish I would have stocked up! :

I do not use heat very often, but I finally purchased a new straightener and diffuser. (Which are awesome by the way) so I bought this to help protect my hair form the heat damage. It really does it's job and it smells great!

Just the name of this made me want to get it, not to mention when I actually smelled it. They were on sale at Sephora so I got two. They do a really great job of softening your skin and the smell is wonderful.

These colors are all gorgeous and universally flattering on all skin tones.

This color is to die for! It looks scary but all you need is a big fluffy blush brush, and a small dab and the color goes on beautifully on all skin tones. The fact that only a small amount is needed means the product will last EXTRA long.

I had not used this mascara in years, but I kept complimenting several of my friends whose eyelashes looks gorgeous. They were all using this product and amazingly it did the same for me. Definitely a must have.

I absolutely love this as a chapstick junkie. Korres is one of my favorite brands. It is soo moisturizing, and once it is worn off it does not leave the lips feeling dry or chapped. The rose color is also beautiful. The coral is perfect for everyday use.

OMG! Exfoliating is a must for everyone and I have never used a better exfoliater in my life! Immediately after using your face feels 10x softer, looks smoother and feels fresher. I purchased this item at Ulta at the beginning of the summer and I am STILL not fiished witht he product, even after using it every single morning.

I absolutely love this straightener. They were on sale at Target for $25, and sadly, it works better than my $100 straightener -_-. lol. This product heats up fully in about 3 seconds, and has a few heat settings to choose from. The plate curves outward, so with layers it is able to create the most beautiful Farrah Faucet-esque flips. I use it almost every other day.

So I kind of gave up on eyeliners after dozens of testing + failing. I have oily skin, so every eyeliner I have tried,from high-end to drugstore, would smear, smudge and crease after only a couple of hours ON TOP of my Too Face Eyeshadow Insurance or UDPP. I cannot believe I did not try this eyeliner out sooner, it may be a bit pricey but it is so worth it! It is so creamy and the color is so pigmented. I will definitely be purchasing this again and trying out the other colors.

I almost died when I smelled this. Enough said. THE END.

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